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Roller P=33 mm

Roller section P = 33 mm available in grey, red and ESD version. Length 4000mm.

Roller ESD P=33 mm

Roller section P = 33 mm in ESD version. Length 4000 mm.

Grey flange Roller P=50 mm

Grey flange Roller P=50 mm. Length 4000 mm.

ESD Black flange Roller P=50 mm

ESD Black flange Roller P=50 mm. Length 4000 mm.

Double roller section P = 16.5 mm

Double roller section P = 16.5 mm, grey. Length 4000mm.

Double roller section P = 16.5 mm ESD

Double roller section P = 16.5 mm ESD, black. Length 4000mm.

HD Black roller P=33 mm

HD Black roller P=33 mm. Length 4000 mm.

Roller for food industries P=33 mm

Transparent roller for food industries P=33 mm. Length 4000mm.

Roller SS P=33 mm

Roller SS P=33 mm. Length 4000mm.

In depth

The roller sections are the fundamental components for the creation of gravity roller conveyors. They allow the handling of loads of different types in almost all environments, even the most difficult.

The different versions have been studied and produced specifically for each situation. There are ESD versions for production environments of electrical and electronic components where electorstatic discharges could cause considerable damage; steel versions for moving sharp material; versions for low temperature environments, such as cold rooms, which have rollers that do not deform due to temperature; versions for the food sector completely in non-toxic and washable plastic; version with flange to better direct the neck in movement; version with double rollers for small packages.

In all these situations, maximum sliding and minimum deformation are always guaranteed. 








  • They allow the operator to transfer the package while remaining in position.
  • They optimize the spaces for transport
  • The continuous flow of products is guaranteed
  • They reduce downtime so productivity increases
  • they adapt well to any type of environment, structure and load