Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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Hexalift Column

Elegant and robust column, perfect for worktops

Controller Syncontrol 24 volt

With battery and power supply

Controller Syncontrol 3

Up to 3 engines/lifters. The control unit can be programmed and interfaced. The power cable is selled separately.

DL12 Column

DL12 column sets standards for inline columns. It is a compact online column in 3 parts, which is a perfect choice for a wide range of desktop applications.

Mounting Plate

Mounting plate for Hexalift upper/lower

Power Cable

Necessary component for Syncontrol 3

Control Panel

Control panel with 4 memories for SYC3

BL1 Column

Compact and powerful (2,000 N push) 3-part lifting column with up to 400 mm stroke.

Control Unit

LP-LPB is a 2.15 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is perfect for uses where spaces are limited such as retractable monitors, transformable tables, recliners and trolleys. It is equipped with LED status indicator and acoustic alarm and equipped with a mounting bracket The battery charger and the connection cable are sold separately.

Voltage Cable

Voltage Cable for L control unit