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Cardboards for upper and frontal plastics

Supplied in pre-perforated DIN A4 sheets, they can be printed on any printer on the market. Identify the contents of the Systembox. The colored cards inserted in the relative plastics allow to use a single color of Systembox giving the possibility to create the Kanban Traffic Light simply by alternating the colors as desired.
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The pre-cut cardboard sheets can be used with all printers on the market. The micro perforation allows an optimal separation of the single cards while the reference marks allow a quick layout for a precise and fast printing with any software. Mainly used to identify the Kanban code contained in the Systembox. With colored cards, inserted in the relative upper and frontal plastics, it is possible to create a Kanban traffic light using Systembox of a single color. Less inventory, more flexibility.

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Supports for Systembox

Upper and lower steel supports for Systembox. Required for fixing on the wall or on whiteboards. In 2 higher versions that allow infinite combinations and a lower version to stabilize a set of columns.

Plastiche per Systembox

Transparent plastics for Systembox. Top, front and flag are open and allow the insertion of identification tags: the first 2 for Systembox in extended conformation, the third in compact conformation. Plastic with ban, however, prevents the insertion of the Kanban.


The Systemboxes are colored plastic elements that can be stacked and placed side by side. Used for the collection of Kanban tags and the creation of Semaphore Kanban, Heijunka and Lot Size Kanban systems. The rear notched groove is the housing of an adapter that allows the insertion of even small Kanban. Requires accessories to complete the system. Compatible with Systembox A4. ESD version available.