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Precut cardboard can be used with any kind of printers. The fine punching is a prerequisite for the accurate cutting out of the cardboard inserts.Reference marks allow a fast layout and print with almost all merchantable software.

LeanProducts developed a software to create, manage and print Kanban labels; it is available in the download section.

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Label Cover 2 adhesive stripes

With 2 adhesive strips, in transparent PVC plastic. The adhesive support allows the use on multiple surfaces such as plastic containers where the relative seat is not provided.

Adhesive label holder ø 28 mm H=38 mm

Adhesive label holder in transparent PVC, H=38 mm, allows to display identification tags on any shelf in tubular or profile ø 28 mm.

Adhesive insert labels Quick Label

Quick Label adhesive label holder in rigid transparent plastic. It covers almost all the needs to display identification codes on metal / aluminum or plastic shelves / containers.