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Twin LiftLiner

Twin LiftLiner is an innovative and compact solution that allows the loading and unloading of trolleys from both sides, in complete safety. Consisting of 2 chariot-carrying carriages, of dimensions suitable for specific trolleys.
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Twin LiftLiner is the most innovative and compact towable solution on the market. It allows the loading and unloading of the trolleys from both sides ensuring a very flexible and efficient route planning during the supply of the production lines. It allows a very reduced movement of the axis and allows a high stability. The 90 ° steering angle of the crossbar attachment system allows the system to rotate and tilt precisely.

The Twin LiftLiner tilts on the load side with a maximum slope of 10 ° facilitating the ascent / descent of the trolley.




Width: 1000 mm
Length: 1600 mm
Height lowered / raised 290/350 mm
Ground clearance: 60 mm
Weight: 180 kg
Surface treatment:: powder coating
Whells material: poliuretano
Wheels dimension: ø 200 mm
Wheels configuration: 2 for wafon
Coupling system: A&Acrossbar coupling system
Train length by 3 Twin LiftLiner: 9600mm
U turn radius with 3 Twin LiftLiner : 4500 mm
Max. load: 1000 kg
Max. train load : 8000 kg
Max. speed: 16 km / h
Maximum slope : 10%
Time to lift: 3 sec.
Tugger train: 4 pz


System patented by K. Hartwall A / S.