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Cardplan® L=500 mm - Visible part 40 mm

Modular pocket system that provides fast and robust solutions for the collection of documents / tags with sizes DIN A5 orizz / DIN A6 Vert and visible part of 40 mm. The accessories will also allow the creation of Semaphore for the management of the Kanban. Can be used on the wall or on a self-supporting structure.
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The modularity of the Cardplan® system allows the creation of fast and robust solutions for the arrangement of documents. The plastic insertion pockets allow precise positioning of cards up to 2 mm thick. It is possible to insert documents with sizes DIN A5 orizz / DIN A6 Vert with a visible part of 15 mm. Available in 500 mm width or, in other version, in  250 mm width. A set of accessories, wall or magnetic supports, containment sides, label holders, vertical or horizontal dividers and colored cards make it a complete and customizable system for managing your Kanban. It is possible to create structures that include several Cardplan® side by side or structures with legs, type blackboard, with a magnetic part or a title.

Per la scelta del modello di Cardplan® è necessario stabilire:

  • the size and direction (horizontal or vertical) of the tag,

  • the light or part of the card that must remain visible (out of the pocket)

  • the number of columns

  • the number of pockets per column.



The possible creation of the Kanban traffic light can be carried out later with the application of colored suspension labels which are hooked on the upper part of the pockets.