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Adhesive insert labels Quick Label

Quick Label adhesive label holder in rigid transparent plastic. It covers almost all the needs to display identification codes on metal / aluminum or plastic shelves / containers.

Insert labels Label Top

Insert labels similar to Label Plus but more versatile thanks to the 2-sided opening that allows the use of oversize cardboard. In semi-rigid plastic material, colored. The supports, adhesive or magnetic, allow the use of the same type and size of tag holder in the whole area to be classified.

Insert labels Label Plus

Semi-rigid plastic colored label holder with upper opening. The supports, adhesive or magnetic, allow the use of the same type and size in the whole area to be classified.

Insert labels Mega

Semi-rigid, colored, magnetic or adhesive plastic label holder, with openings on both ends that allow it to be cut to size as needed. The many colors, the different supports and the customizable length make it a product adaptable to any identification need.

Magnetic adhesive tape

Magnetic adhesive tape (thickness: 0.75 mm - EXTRA: 2 mm) to be used in all situations where it is necessary to expose small objects, document bags or tag holders without any magnetic support. Easy, fast and long-lasting application.


Clarity and flexibility are the characteristics of this transparent document holder with colored border and flexible adhesive supports. In the event of an impact, the two adhesive hooks return to the starting position. This ensures the visibility of the document displayed even in difficult situations.

Identification anytime, anywhere

The 2 mm thick soft adhesive backing guarantees excellent grip on almost all surfaces. The variety includes solutions in transparent or colored plastic, rigid or soft, with one or more adhesive strips, open on one or three sides. The present dimensions will allow you to find the most suitable one for your shelf.

The Flexschild completes the correct mapping of the warehouse providing information that is clearly visible even from a distance, in particular from the driver's stations of forklifts or internal machines. Its flexible hooks withstand shocks well bringing it back to its initial position.

It will always be possible to read the barcode.