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Adapter S100

Ring stand adapter. It attaches to the support for tube PKR-CL-RKW-100 and, with the clip, is fixed to the frame S100 making it available for use with its tubular or profiles ø 23/28 mm.
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Adapter for ring support in rigid transparent plastic. It clips onto the S100 frame and, coupled with the PKR-CL-RKW-100 tube support, allows the S100 frame to be hung on tubes or profiles ø 23/28 mm. Can be used as a flag, for example to add information to pre-existing information stands, or for suspension to classify the material deposited below.

Always to be used with tube holder PKR-CL-RKW-100

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Frame S100

The suspension frame, with colored border and anti-reflective plastic, is legible on both sides. The replacement of indications is very fast: a clip blocks the sheet. Many hooking variants are available (magnetic / adhesive / wall mounted) for identification of shelves, storages and parking lots.

Tube support S100

Ring support for tube. It must always be used with PKR-CL-AP-100 to attach the S100 frame to tubular or profiles ø 23/28 mm. For example to add information to pre-existing information stands.

Hanging visual pockets

Document holder for suspension in resistant PVC plastic and transparent front. Equipped with 5 holes and horizontal slot to offer various attachment possibilities using the many accessories available. ESD version available.