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Accessories for suspension

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Plastic ties

Quick and low cost solution for attaching document holders to any support. The special closure allows its reuse.

Punto Velcro

Point Velcro Ø 22 mm, black, self-locking, ensures a quick and temporary fixing the document on any flat surface.

Adhesive metal tape

Metal tape with high adhesive strength, ideal for making surfaces metal and allowing the use of our magnetic document holders where not provided.

Gripper hook ø 28 mm

Flexible support for document holder for tubulars or profile Ø 28/30 mm. The toothed support (clip) offers a secure grip even in the presence of vibrations.

In depth

Different solutions for every identification need. Whether they are containers, metal baskets, cages, cartons, tubes or packaging with protective film, we have the solution for you: capable of adapting even when the thickness of the containers reaches 40 mm. They guarantee excellent grip and ease of removal. New solutions such as velcro or adhesive metal tape provide anchor points even where there is no space to attach any other accessories.