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Accessories for S200 series

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Closing clip S200

Sturdy closing clip that prevents the protective cover containing the document from coming out of the S200 frame.

Adhesive frame holder for S100/S200

Adhesive coupling in rigid transparent plastic to be used in pairs with PKR-RCL-100/200. This creates a hinge with a variable but stable angle. Can be used vertically and horizontally

Magnetic frame holder S100/S200

Magnetic coupling in rigid transparent plastic to be used in pairs with PKR-RCL-100/200. As for the adhesive attachment, a hinge with variable but stable angle is created. Can be used to expose S100 frames, vertically or horizontally, on all metal surfaces.

S100/S200 Frame holder for ø 28 mm tube

Connection in rigid transparent plastic for tubulars or profiles ø 28 mm. Can be used vertically and horizontally. Paired with PKR-RCL-100/200 it allows the suspension of the S100 / S200 frames providing a hinge with variable but stable angle.

Swivel ring support S200

360 ° rotating ring support for vertical linking of multiple S200 information frames. In this way, only one fixing point to the shelf / tube / ceiling can be used, making additional space available for information.

Wall support S200

The S100 wall support allows you to attach the S200 frame to the wall, shelf or machine, making it almost invisible. Equipped with adhesive and hole for possible mechanical fixing.

Magnetic support S200

Magnetic support for frames S200. Rotate 360 °. It allows you to display S200 frames both vertically and horizontally without having to drill. It supports up to 2.8 kg, therefore also cascade linked frames.

Connector S200

Rigid transparent plastic connector to hook multiple S200 frames together and allow you to view the same information at 360 °.

Rotating support S200

Rigid transparent plastic support with holes for wall mounting or on the profile groove and 360 ° rotating clip for S200 frames. This makes information visible even from non-frontal positions. Fixing screws not included.