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L Accessories

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Undermounted Panel

Panel for the adjustment of desks, and worktops.

L Control Unit

The L control box family is an ideal choice for a wide range of desk applications. The L Control Unit is perfect if you need a small and compact control box that requires a minimum of space when mounted.

Control Unit

LP-LPB is a 2.15 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is perfect for uses where spaces are limited such as retractable monitors, transformable tables, recliners and trolleys. It is equipped with LED status indicator and acoustic alarm and equipped with a mounting bracket The battery charger and the connection cable are sold separately.

Voltage Cable

Voltage Cable for L control unit

L Motor Cable

Motor cable for L control units , available in 4 different lengths, with torsion-resistant connectors.

1 Channel Bluetooth Control Kit + Receiver

Wireless control panel ideal for lifting systems equipped with receiver. The Bluetooth receiver allows wireless control of the height adjustment of the L control units.

Safety Switch Cable

The SLS safety switch prevents unintentional movement of the L controls. It can be used with normally open or normally closed micro-switches.

Undermounted panel 45°

Undermounted panel 45°required for mounting the panels LP-LP02 and LP-LP03.