Information boards

Our boards are made with a glazed surface vitrificated at 800° in ecologic material.
This special treatment makes it unalterable, resistant to sunlight, high heat and chemicals.

The best quality among boards

• structure in 30x30 aluminium profile
• glazed steel surface
• writable with every type of marker
• erasable surface
• magnetic surface
• customizable
• multi-boards compositions
• customizable sizes


Board types

A - Wall board


B - Central board

C - Side board

Available 1 side or 2 sides

Available 1 side or 2 sides

D - Rotating Board

V - Visual board
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Max width 2000mm

Available 1 side or 2 sides
with 1 or 2 shelves

HD - HD version board

H2 - H2 version board

Available 1 side or 2 sides,
HD from 2000 to 2500 mm

Available 1 side or 2 sides,
2 HD higher than 2500 mm

Foldable board

Custom shapes and dimensions.

Maximum opening angle
Maximum closing angle

Application example

Board customization with permanent marke
Writing on board with water based markers Remove writings with a cloth
Remove customization with cloth and tinner

Boards Customization

The boards can be customized on request with
logos, grids, frames and more.
The customizations can be monochrome or color,
based on the custom’s graphic layout.

Quotes on request


Multi-board example for Info Point