Label holder for tube

Quantity per Package: ---

Makes easier to put the labels on profiles and tubes with 28 mm diameter.
The ergonomic shape
of the support fits perfectly the profile or the tube.
The transparent frame is open on the side and on the top, thus facilitating the replacement of the labels.
The two-component structure provides stability and flexibility: placing the hooks evenly, label holders can be set firmly on the profile or on the tube.

  • multiple versions available

W x H  (mm)
VST-LABEL-100 100 x 35 2
VST-LABEL-200 200 x 35 2
VST-LABEL-300 300 x 35 3
VST-LABEL-400 400 x 35 3
VST-LABEL-1000 1000 x 35 4
Pack = 100 pcs. 


Scanner-readable Application on tube