Material Handling

OBJECTIVE: one manual handling of components and containers from production to end use.





4 forklifters need 4 trips to get the work done.
4 dollies in milkrun configuration need just 1 trip to get the work done.

The process by the supplier

From the production line products are placed in plastic containers (KLT) on the dollies.
Dollies are linked together like a train and transported to a first storage area.

The Adaptor pallet is loaded with 4 Dollies uploaded through the forklift on the truck.

The process by the customer

The Adaptor pallets are delivered in the warehouse of the customer input. The products are placed in the warehouse: the Dolly at the bottom, while the Adaptor Pallets with spare components in the upper zone.
Dollies are taken from warehouse and brought to the workstation. In the station assembly products are extracted by KLT containers and used. The Dolly with the KLT is raised to a ergonomic height thanks to a box lifter.