LongLife - Floor classification symbols

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Floor stickers classification bearing symbols of obligation, prohibition, attention and guidance.

  • made of PVC
  • full adhesive surface
  • increases safety at work
  • easy to apply
  • excellent adhesion strength
  • anti-slip
  • walkable
  • high visual effect

ATTENTION: on difficult floors it is suitable to use a Primer before the application.

Available models

Forklifts ban Pedestrian ban Warning forklifts Pedestrian path
Use protective footwear Use googles Use head protection No smoking area
STOP Direction hint Denial of access Wear warning vest
Wearing ear protection



LG-SCHILD-600-1 Forklifts ban Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-2 Pedestrian ban
Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-3 Warning forklifts
Side 520
LG-SCHILD-600-4 Pedestrian path
Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-5 Use protective footwear Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-6 Use googles
Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-7 Use head protection
Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-8 No smoking area Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-9 STOP Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-10 Direction hint
Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-11 Denial of access
Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-12 Wear warning vest Ø 600
LG-SCHILD-600-13 Wearing ear protection Ø 600
  Pack = 1 pc. 


Floor application