GF Visual Board

Our visual board made of Green Frame profile are designed to allow an easy assembly of the different components which create customized solutions (wall mounting, with legs, with title, etc.)

Special features:

• optimal flexibility
• quick assembly
• lightweight
• excellent aesthetics

Custom configuration examples

1 side board with feet

1 side board with title and feet

1 side Visual board with 1 shelf
More information

2 side Visual board with 2 shelves
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Maximun opening angle

Maximun closing angle

Application example

Board customization with permanent marke
Writing on board with water based markers Remove writings with a cloth
Remove customization with cloth and tinner

Boards Customization

The boards can be customized on request with
logos, grids, frames and more.
The customizations can be monochrome or color,
based on the custom’s graphic layout.

Quotes on request