Kanban-Starter Kit Color

Quantity per Package: ---

Starter Kit to implement easily and quickly the Kanban system. The boards permits, beside the Kanban management, the exposition of the informations in a visual way.

Version with color Systembox.

305-36220731 composed of

B1-2000NAP 1 Central board L=2000 H=1184 H tot=2000 1 magnetic face writable
SYSB-01 1 Red Systembox pack
SYSB-04 1 Yellow Systembox pack
SYSB-05 2 Green Systembox packs
SYSB-HE-35 4 Upper plastic packs
SYSB-HE-169 1 Frontal plastic pack
SYSB-WH-4 2 Vertical support for 4 Systembox columns
305-36220131 2 Fixing screws for SYSB-WH-4 packs
KAN-SERM116 1 Kanban Mailbox
KAN-MW-A4H-03 1 Magnetic windows pack blue color
ET33-75K-02 2 White Cardoboard for upper plastic packs
ET75-168K-02 1 White Cardoboard for front plastic pack