Kanban Print Software

27 March 2017


  • download the installation files by copying the following address into your browser: 
  • open the folder you created, called Kanban print
  • click on the file dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe and accept the terms of use
  • click on the setup.exe and install the program 
  • launch the program from the executable file inside the installation folder 
    (normally: program files \ Delta Top \ Signal \ Signal Kanban Print.exe)


  1. click on View
  2. click New entry
  3. enter item code
  4. select the card you just created and click Edit

  5. enter details of kanban
  6. click on Save Changes
  7. click Print to print kanban. The program will create the number of kanban cards that are needed, placing 4 of them per A4 sheet.
  8. to print, click the printer icon in the top bar

NOTE: the program accepts images uploaded from your computer by automatically reducing the size. The ideal size of the image is 600x400 pixels


The Kanban card is a tool for communication in the "just in time" inventory control and it authorizes the production or handling. The word "kanban" in Japanese means "visual card" or record, and the system was developed by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota.

The Kanban, as an object, it is nothing more than a tag attached to the container of the components on the line, indicating the delivery or production of a defined quantity.

The Kanban card were used to point out the need to produce or deliver something, but nowadays it has different uses

Today the Kanban is a system of information transfer, which ensures that each operator station produces only what is actually required from the station afterwards. It serves as a statement of production and transfer. In this way the warehouse is under control , the production goes up with the expeditions : the production is pulled ( pull system ).

The amount authorized by each Kanban is minimum, ideally a piece . The number of circulating or available kanban for a particular object depends on the demand and the time required to produce or acquire more. This number is generally fixed and remains unchanged unless demand or other circumstances (eg. Supplier delivery times) change significantly

The formula for the calculation of the number of cards in the program KANBAN PRINT is the following:

N= [ M x T x ( 1 + SS ) ] / Q


M: average daily consumption;

T: time of delivery by the supplier, expressed in days. In the case of time expressed in hours, is taken as a constant 1 hour = 0.125 days;

SS: safety stocks as a percentage. Enter the percentage value, eg. 10 (in the case of 10% of stocks);;

Q: quantity in the container;

The result, N, is the number of kanban in circulation. It is then further divided into 3 groups:
  • green for an optimal situation
  • yellow, for an alarm condition
  • red, for the security stock with probable shortage