LongLife introduction video


LongLife® FloorMarking program is specific for production
areas delimitation.
Available sizes and colors allow a quick implementation of
Lean Visual Management thus reducing waste.

• long durability
• immediate application
• washing and abrasion resistant
• doesn’t damage the floor
• constant color
• anti-slip treating
• solvent-free
• fast remove

    Test independently made by an English automotive
company: ORGATEX LongLife FloorMarking compared
to competitors tapes.

Color utilization advices

Main area        
Format: roll
Color: yellow
Width: 75 or 100 mm
75 mm 100 mm
End product        
Format: symbols
Color: green
Width: 50 or 75 mm
50 mm 75 mm
Format: symbols
Color: blue
Width: 50 or 75 mm
50 mm 75 mm
Not standard material        
Format: symbols
Color: red
Width: 50 or 75 mm
50 mm 75 mm
Hazard Area        
Format: roll
Color: yellow / black
Larghezza: 50 or 75 mm
50 mm 75 mm
Empty Containers        
Format: roll
Color: white / blue
Width: 50 or 75 mm
50 mm 75 mm
Various zones (position, tools, etc.)        
Format: roll o symbols
Color: white
Width: 50 or 75 mm
50 mm 75 mm

Application examples



                Do not subdivide the zone in more than 2 levels / Leave an empty space of 30 - 50 mm around the position to be delimited.

Application examples


Surface treatment

The adhesion strength of the floor markings, is dependent on ground conditions.
Here are some tips for maximum adhesion.

The smoother and regular the soil is greater the contact surface of the glue will be
This corresponds to a stronger grip of the adhesive
Before attaching the ground markings, ensure that the Soil is dust and oil free.
TIP: For cleaning the floors we recommend LongLife CLEANER ® special cleaner
On tiled floors we recommend the use of symbols for ground markings applied to the
surface of the tiles because the glue on the joints reduces the adhesive force.

Application tips