Control Panel

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  • three-phase supply 400V 50 Hz, three-phase inverter 0.75 kW
  • 6 selectable programs and parameters visualization
  • emergency button and restore
  • buzzer alarms
  • external connections available

LP-ETMBC Grey control panel for Easy Transfer
Pack = 1 Pc.

Programs description

Control functions can be associated to these programs via a photocell or remoted controls, using the expansion module (ETMBC1-LP), added to the Control Panel.

Program number

1 manual START, manual STOP
2 manual START, manual STOP after a specified time tON - tOFF, restart loop until manual stop
3 manual START, STOP with counter from an external clean contact or from manual STOP
4 delayed STOP when turning programmed time OFF tFon-tFoff, restart loop until manual STOP
5 manual START, STOP with external clean contact, restart loop on contact release and until manual STOP