Supermarket warehouses and racks

Thanks to the standard dimensions, we achieve the maximum space optimization using stardard containers:
• 300 x 200 mm
• 300 x 400 mm
• 600 x 400 mm
For a better solution we suggest to avoid the creation of large supermarkets, but use combination of smaller modules.

Standard stopper

The most widely used solution which allows the picking of single components or of the entire container.


Staggered chuter

This solution is used for applications where the customer needs a high number of shelves with easy picking of the single components.


Double inclination supermarket

This structure offers perfect solution for ergonomic picking.




Supermarket Assembly with minimum time requirements

With pre-assembled supermarket you just have to add the horizontal pipes to reach the desired width
and insert the rollers.

 1. Order premounted supermarket side elements  2. Cut the horizontal profiles
 to create your custom supermarket
 3. Add the desired number of racks


Double frames

Where a greater resistance to the
load is requested, Green Frame
enables the doubling of the frame.

Space optimization


Sistemi di ritorno dei vuoti


There are 3 possible return system:
• lower level
• upper level
• side
Choose the best on for you, according to your space ad ergonomics needs

 Lower level return system  Upper level return system  Side return system

Rules max load analysis

Plastic guides details

Side guide   

Central guide

Rollers details